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UiT2020: Towards a new strategic plan for UiT

Following the merger between the University college of Finnmark and the University of Tromsø, a new strategy will be formed. We are inviting all interested parties in general, and students and employees in particular to help us form the best possible strategy for our university.


This work shall be done with creativity, passion and intelligence, and within a framework consisting of amongst others:

  • The rector team’s election platform
  • The merger platform
  • The goals for the University sector as stated by our owner, the Ministry of Knowledge.
  • Our economic and legal boundaries
  • The platform of the new Norwegian government
  • The long term strategic plan for research in Norway, including our comments to this as sent to the Ministry of Knowledge October this year.

Our owner has asked us to find our own profile amongst the four classic universities in Norway, a challenging balancing act. The previous government launched their High North  strategy with three key drivers:

  • Climate change
  • Relationship with Russia
  • Resources in the High North

Our new Minister of Foreign Affairs, Børge Brende, followed suit in his first speech since inauguration, with a strengthened emphasis on the possibilities for business development in the region.



The purpose of the strategy process is to provide a basis for the University Board to formulate the values and goals and point out the road ahead for the University up to 2020. The strategy shall be based on the relevant developments in the society and objective facts about UiTs faculty, students, staff and the society we are a part of. The process shall also contribute to the coherence between the organizational strategy and the strategies and goals of the individual departments.



Employees, students and our partners in private and public sector shall all be invited to participate in the process. The result of the process shall be a realistic, accepted, understood and measurable strategy that enhances our strengths and keeps a balance between UiT as a regional force and an international research university. The strategy process shall:

  • Encourage dialogue and reflections around strategic issues in the entire organization
  • Strengthen the recognition of UiT’s role in Northern Norway
  • Ensure that the strategic decisions made by the board has the best possible basis
  • Secure and emphasize our core values
  • Build a common culture across campus and counties

The process

The process leading up to the final acceptance of a strategic plan in the board meeting of March 13th 2014 has three phases:

1)      Listening and getting input

2)      Synthesize and assemble a draft strategic plan

3)      Send the plan through a hearing process and update accordingly


Input phase

A side from all the formal bodies that are invited into the process, the University Board wants contributions from as many persons as possible. Thus open meetings and social media will be used as a supplement to the formal channels.

In particular for our non-Norwegian-speaking students and employees, there will be a separate meeting held in English and a Facebook page where questions are asked in English. Some background material, but not all, will be available in English as well.

The draft plan will be written in Norwegian as well as English, and comments will be welcomed. The final plan will, for the first time in the history of the university, be translated to English in full.

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