Nytt økonomisystem for Unit4 ERP og LØNN

Training plan for a new salary and new financial system from 1.1.2022.

  • On this page, you will find updated information about training and registration for various courses related to your role in the new financial and payroll systems. Here, as a process role holder, you will go through the necessary training to perform your tasks in the systems.
  • The registration regarding who will participate in training in new roles is done at faculties and units in the spring of 2021. If you are unsure which role you have been assigned and will receive training in, contact your immediate manager, possibly the unit's local introduction coordinator.

The comprehensive internal training is composed as follows:

  • Opening/closing gatherings at UiT at Teams before and after system training from DFØ.
    • The initial collection focuses on how the training is put together, what changes with new solutions and standards, and practical recommendations concerning the implementation of the training course for the individual participant.
    • The final gathering is primarily devoted to feedback/clarifications/questions that have arisen during the training course.
    • The reception project will send the participants an invitation to the start and end gatherings in Outlook to get the training times into their calendar.

  • Training in BOTT standardized processes, routines, and process roles through e-learning courses in Canvas UIB.
    • The professional resources have developed e-learning material in the national BOTT ØL project (BOTT Cooperation). All institutions will use it in connection with the training related to processes, workflows, roles, and routines.
    • You log in with a sweep login to take an e-learning course. You can take e-learning courses at any time, whenever it suits you. The course will be available afterward if you need it.
    • Registration is done individually by the individual participant and is completed when you start the course. An overview of all e-learning courses in Canvas and information on logging in to these can be found here: E-learning courses for different roles (In Norwegian only).

  • System training from DFØ (Webinar)
    • The webinars will mainly focus on system training in SAP or the Self-Service Portal.
    • The reception project will send the participants an invitation to these courses in Outlook to get the training times in their calendar. In addition, the invitation will provide information about registration links to DFØ and how the individual participant registers. When registering for DFØ, you will receive confirmation and summons via email.


The training page is published as follows (subpages in Norwegian only):