The publication fund at the University of Tromsø

The University of Tromsø has a fund that can cover author-side payments for Open Access.

We refer you to the complete rules (currently only available in Norwegian) and to the application forms for further information.

Direct links to rules and application form UiT OA-fund

Applications must be sent to the fund prior to submitting to the journal. Please await the fund’s decision before you submit to the journal.


As part of the work to make the research from the university as accessible and reused as possible, UiT The Arctic University of Norway is making allocations in the budget to cover author-side payments for Open Access publishing. Open Access publications have no constraints to reader access, and thus cannot demand payment from readers. They have to finance their activities in other ways. An important and widespread model is that authors have to pay an amount to cover the publishers' costs, in order to have their articles published.

Through the fund, the university seeks to cover such expenses, to ensure the costs do not hinder authors from publishing Open Access. The fund has as a general rule, that articles built on externally funded research also should be covered by the same funders that funded the research itself. It is extremely important that researchers include such costs in their funding applications. Research funded by the Norwegian Research Council is however eligible for support from the fund, as the NRC are funding part of the fund.

Funding of author-side payments 

The fund can cover author-side costs as Article Processing Charges (APCs), Article Submisson Charges and similar charges in Open Access publications. The fund will at the outset cover the whole cost, but if the number of applications are greater than the fund can finance, the fund can cover a percentage of costs or put a cap on how much it can cover per application.

From January 1st 2016 the fund may also cover costs for depositing data in connection with articles the fund will pay for.

From January 1st 2016 the fund can also cover costs for chapters/articles in OA anthologies, and for OA monographs. For anthologies and monographs we have no application form - send us an e-mail where you present your project or need. Each such application is treated individually, and we cannot promise support until we have evaluated the publication and the proposed costs thoroughly.

These expenses are not covered by the fund

  • Colour, illustration or page charges etc, that are common and will have to be paid also in traditional journals.
  • Partial costs covering the UiT "share" of a co-authored article, where only some authors belong to UiT. The fund will cover the whole cost if the corresponding author is a UiT affiliate, else it will cover nothing. Dividing up invoices incur high costs, and we do not want the fund to create added administrative costs.
  • Cost for making an individual article Open Access in a subscription journal (aka hybrid publishing). This is increasingly an option for authors, but incurs large expences, and, we suspect, actually entails us paying twice for the same service.
  • We will not fund APCs that are higher than NOK 25,000 inclusive of VAT. If we find that there is great risk of exceeding this limit, we will need the applicant to supply us with information as to which account is to be debited the excess amount before we can approve the application. If we decide not to ask for this, we will cover the whole APC even if price or exchange rates change so that the total cost turns out to become higher than the limit.


For further information, please contact:

  •   use this address to achieve a rapid response.


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