Arktisk barndom

Ungdomsundersøkelse om erfaringer med vold og overgrep

The Arctic Childhood Study

A study of violence and health in indigenous Sami and non-Sami children and youth in Arctic Norway

The Arctic Childhood Study aims to fill a major gap of knowledge about the experiences of abuse and neglect among indigenous Sámi children and youth. The proposed study is the first longitudinal research project of its kind in Norway with a particular focus on all forms of violence against Sámi and non-Sámi children and youth in the high north, including the conceptual framework for implementing Indigenous methodology.  The study is especially relevant to the Arctic and Sub Arctic region of Norway as violence exposure rates are higher in the north.

          Beyond developing a better understanding of the social determinants of violence and its consequences, the proposed study explores cultural risk and protective factors and their relation to abuse, neglect, health, and wellbeing. These resilience dimensions will help to garner new knowledge about how to mitigate violence exposures of Arctic children and youth. Culturally appropriate and effective prevention approaches are lacking for indigenous children and youth.

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