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 The Centre for Peace Studies (CPS) is part of the University of Tromsø in Norway. Located right in the middle of campus, the CPS houses staff and students from all over the world, creating a vibrant environment both socially and academically.

Centre for Peace Studies (CPS), founded in 2002, emphasises interdisciplinary approaches to peace and conflict studies. It combines a High North perspective with a focus on comparative Global South issues in producing high-quality knowledge and competencies of theoretical and practical value.
The centre’s activities revolve around three main components: The Master of Peace and Conflict Transformation programme (MPCT), Research and Outreach.



Ansatte ved Senter for fredsstudier (CPS):

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Panel Debate & International Workshop on Interconnected Security Challenges in the Barents, Baltic and Black Sea Region

Last week, CPS organized a series of events related to risk of unintended escalation and interconnected security challenges in the relations between NATO and Russia in the Barents, Baltic and Black Sea Region.

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Har tatt spranget inn i podkastens verden

Nå kan du jevnlig få underholdende kunnskap fra UiT rett i øret. Flere fagmiljøer har nemlig startet egne podkaster.

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