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Renate Meyer holds a position as professor for organization studies, and is head   of the institute for organization studies at WU Vienna. Meyer is also the co-director   at the Research institute for Urban Management and Governance at WU Vienna,   and a permanent visiting professor at CBS Copenhagen Business school, at the department   of organization. Furthermore, she is a member of the executive Board of the   European Group of organization studies (EGOS), and a co-founder of an   international network for institutional theory.
Research interest: Institutional theory, framing, visual and multi-modal   rhetoric, social identities, translation of globally disseminating management   concepts, new organizational forms, changing governance structures, urban governance,   public corporate governance, public accounting, mixed methods.





Roy   Suddaby is the editor of Academy of   Management Review, and is or has been an editorial board member of several   journals, including Academy of   Management Journal, Administrative   Science Quarterly, Organization   Studies, Journal of Management   Studies and Scandinavian Management   Review. Roy has published over forty research papers, and book chapters.   He has won best paper awards from the Academy of Management Review,   Administrative Science Quarterly and the Administrative Sciences Association   of Canada. He is the recipient of the Grief Research Impact award in   Entrepreneurship from the Academy of Management, an Ascendant Scholar from   the Western Academy of Management and a Distinguished Scholar from the   Canadian Association of Administrative Sciences. In 2014, Thompson Reuters   named Roy one of the World’s Most Influential Scientific Minds.

Suddaby’s   research focuses on organizational change and the intersection between   business and society.  His most current project tracks the changing   nature of the corporation as a social and economic institution.





 Arild   Wæraas holds a position as professor at NMBU, Norway. He has a Cand polit.-degree   from The University of Oslo (1997), and a doctoral degree from The University of Tromsø (2004). Previously, he has held positions as associate professor at UiT, Norway (2005-2007), adjunct professor at    Virginia Commonwealth University, USA (2008-2009), visiting assistant professor   at College of William & Mary, USA (2009-2010), post.doc at Stanford   University, USA (2010-2012), and as associate professor at NMBU (2012-2014).

 Research interests: Organizational reputation, organizational identity, organizational   fields and translation, corporate social responsibility




 Elin   Ørjasæter is a widely known Norwegian writer, speaker, social commentator and   debator. She holds a position as lecturer at Høyskolen Kristiania, Norway. She   has a cand.philol.-degree from The University of Oslo, and she has a broad   background – with experience from several different positions in a variety of   fields, including as a headhunter, head of information management, HRM-leader   and as trade union negotiator. She also has a regular column at a mayor   Norwegian newspaper (Aftenposten) and is a member of the Norwegian   broadcasting council.

Reseach interests:   Organizations, management, the psychology of personalities and labor law.

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