Studentpresttjenesten / University Chaplaincy

Muslimske studenter

There is one muslim student organisation at the University of Tromsø - Muslim Academia Tromsø, and you will find their web-site here. You can contact the leader: Mr.Salehin,
cell: +47 46254894

There is a Muslim prayer room at the University campus in Breiviklia (see map) 
For many muslims it's normal to pray salah five times a day, and the Mosalla is provided so that Muslim students and employees can practise their salah in a dignified way. 

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The Mosalla,  at University Campus are located - with its own enterance - at the north end of the Breiviklia-building (see map). You can recieve the code to the door from Mr.Salehin +47 46254894 or University Chaplaincy.  Phone or mail.