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Vera Helene Hausner

Enhet: Institutt for arktisk og marin biologi


Professor in Sustainability Science. My research focus on environmental changes, socio-ecological systems, ecosystem-based approaches to management and climate adaptation, and new technologies and approaches for interdiciplinary and collaborative science in coastal and tundra systems. For research see www.arcticsustainability.com



Lisa Katrin Losleben

Enhet: Senter for kvinne- og kjønnsforskning


My research is driven by the wish to analyze power relations in the narratives that infuse societies both in history, present and future times. Being a feminist scholar, I have broadened my focus from analyzing the existing stories about one specific historic actor (in my Ph.D.) and re-narrating it to scrutinizing dominant tropes in (popular) Western culture. I aim to unpack the potential of the humanities to contribute to a better understanding of the cultural aspects of the current environmental crisis. With my actual research, I move beyond persistent Western narratives on environment and climate change to understand how places can be understood also through embodied knowledges, and what impact this could have on the living and dying of humans and other than humans. My research draws from feminist and critical theories, and examines knowledges, places, and relations. Wondering what knowledges become audible for whom and which not and for whom not, I try to think through sensory, artistic, local, and Indigenous knowledges with a geographical focus on the North of Norway/Northern Sápmi. I am PI of Arctic Auditories - Hydrospheres of the High North (NFR 325506, 2021-25). Moreover, I serve as a member of the advisory board of ECO_CARE (DIKU, PI: Margherita Paola Poto and Giulia Parole) and of WoVen (NFR 2021-26, PI: Melania Bucciarelli, NTNU) and am a member of the ThinkTank Sustainability at UiT. Since 2016, I have been co-editor of the European Journal of Musicology


Filip Maric

Enhet: Fysioterapi Bsc

filip.maric@uit.no +4777645903


  • Planetary Health, EcoHealth, One Health, sustainable healthcare, environmental physiotherapy
  • Critical theory, ethics, environmental post/humanities
  • Post/qualitative research

Pågående forskningsprosjekter:

 Past projects

Pågående veiledning: 

  • Ntinga, M.N. (PhD study, ongoing). “Izandla Ze-wele ziyaphilisah” A decolonial co-autoethnography of professional identity formation in South African physiotherapy. University of Cape Town, South Africa (Role: Co-supervisor).
  • Struthers, N. (PhD study, ongoing). Nature-based prescriptions to reduce the personal, social, environmental, and global burdens of rehabilitation. Western University, Ontario, Canada (Role: Advisory committee member). 
  • Food access and food systems mapping with people with disabilities in Nellmapius (Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy Students combined Bachelor thesis, University of Pretoria, South Africa) 

Tidligere veiledning:

  • Faartoft, C., Bach-Svendsen, N. S., Juul, B., & Mikkelsen, A. L. (2024). Physical and perceived barriers to nature experiences for people with mobility impairments (Bachelor Thesis). VIA University College Denmark. Winner of the VIA Aarhus University College Professional Innovation Award. 
  • Gevers, T. (2023). Who is the patient? Re-envisioning the patient based on Bruno Latour’s Actor-Network-Theory (Bachelor Thesis). Hogeschool voor Toegepaste Filosofie / HTF University of Applied Philosophy, Netherlands.
  • Ingilæ, E.J., & Eikrem, S. (2023) Physiotherapists' experiences with the use of nature in treatment: A qualitative interview study (Bachelor Thesis, UiT The Arctic University of Norway).
  • Plaisant, M. (2022). A discourse analysis of sustainability in physiotherapy (Bachelor thesis, University of Furtwangen, Germany) 
  • Andreassen, A. & Pedersen, S. (2022). How well is Tromsø designed to support active transportation? (Bachelor thesis, UiT The Arctic University of Norway).
  • Grønvold, H. (2022). Measures for improving the environmental sustainability of Norwegian physiotherapy practice (Bachelor thesis, UiT The Arctic University of Norway).
  • Lund, K. & Klæboe Enevoldsen, A. (2022). How (much) is 'the social' of the biopsychosocial model represented in Norwegian physiotherapy education (Bachelor thesis, UiT The Arctic University of Norway)
  • Indgjerdingen, S. & Henriksen, S. (2022). Does outdoor walking have better physical and physiological effects than indoor walking on a treadmill? (Bachelor thesis, Oslo Metropolitan University)
  • The knowledge, attitudes and practices of health professionals regarding environmental sustainability - (Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy Students combined Bachelor thesis, University of Pretoria, South Africa)
  • Spencer, J. (2021). The UN Agenda 2030 SDGs and physiotherapy clinics (BHSc excellence track project, Saxion University, Netherlands)
  • Ytreberg, E. & Bøen Grave, N.M. (2021). Klinisk håndtering av overvektige artosepasienter i fysioterapipraksis. Bachelor thesis. NFF studentprisen 2021  
  • Schüssler, R. (2021). Embodied and experiential planetary health education (Bachelor thesis, University of Osnabrück, Germany)