Recent updates of the HelioDust Project

HelioDust presence at EGU2020: Sharing Geoscience Online (#shareEGU20)

26.03.2020 Seminar with colleagues from Department of Surface and Plasma Science at Charles University Prague

  • Main topics were the utilization of dust impact data from Parker Solar Probe and impact charging phenomena at low speeds. A manuscript on the latter is submitted to ANGEO and will be available for open access through Copernicus thorughout the review process.

09.02.2020 ESA and NASA launch Solar Orbiter (SolO) 

  • The objective of the mission is studying the Sun up close, taking high-resolution images of the Sun's poles for the first time, and understanding the Sun-Earth connection. HelioDust will focus on dust impacts recorded on SolO. Read more about the mission here.

15.05. - 17.05.2019 ISSI - Bern

  • Some of the members of the ISSI team have a last meeting in Bern to finalize work on a review pape prepared in the team.. Work and the discussions in the team also contribute to a number of other publications and new research collaborations. 

31.10. - 02.11.2018 ISSI - Bern

28.08. - 29.08 Focus Meeting on Nano Dust in Space and Astrophysics during the IAU General Assembly in Vienna

  • Our results are presented in a poster and an oral presentation

12.08. 2018 NASA launched Parker Solar Probe 

  • Measurements with the radio and plasma wave experiment onboard provide information on dust impacts

18.06. - 22.06. 2018 Solar Wind XV - International Meeting in Brussels 

  • Ingrid presents recent results of our group at the 15th Solar Wind Conference held in Brussels (Belgium) 

13.06. 2018 Master defense - Tromsø

  • Margaretha and Johann successfully defended their master thesis's 
  • Margaretha worked on temperatures of nanodust near the Sun other stars
  • Johann focussed on the nanodust Dynamics within the solar Wind and Stellar winds

04.06. - 08.06.2018 ISSI - Bern

01.06. 2018 Bachelor thesis - Tromsø

  • Jan Fredrik Aasmundveit submitted his bachelor thesis
  • it's topic is the sputtering and sublimation of nanodust near the Sun

09.04. - 13.04. 2018 EGU - Vienna

  • a big Group of UiT Space Physics scientist travelled to Vienna for the European Geophysical Union Genral Assembly
  • Margaretha, Johann and Carsten presented posters containing HelioDust results 

26.02. - 28.02. 2018 IDP - Tokyo

  • during a trip to Japan, Carsten also participated in the Int'l Symposium on Dust &
    Parent Bodies at the Chiba Institute of Technology 

06.11. - 09.11. 2017 Steinberg Colloquium - Paris Observatory, Meudon

  • Ingrid and Carsten visited the Paris Observatory in Meudon for the Steinberg Conference
  • start of the HelioDust Project in an international environment



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Dust sputtering within the inner Heliosphere. C. Baumann, M. Myrvang and I. Mann , Annales Geophysicae, preprint, 2020