Outbound student mobility: how to apply (step-by-step guide)

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How to apply for a student exchange(step-by-step guide)

In a world that is becoming increasingly globalized, international experiences are worth their weight in gold. An international exchange will expand your personal and professional horizons.

Application deadlines

1  September (spring semester) 

1 February (autumn semester)


How to apply for a student exchange
(step by step guide)

Advice and help
for student exchanges abroad
Would you like advice about student exchanges? Do you have any questions about the countries you are considering travelling to? Follow the link below to contact the exchange coordinator at your faculty.

Advice & help

Do you meet the eligibility requirements for student exchange?All students at bachelor’s and master’s level who have taken at least 60 credits can apply to go on a student exchange abroad. Follow the link below for more information about the exchange requirements.

eligibility requirements

Decide where you want to go.UiT has exchange agreements with more than 400 partner universities worldwide. See the overview of exchange options for your programme of study and the partner universities below.

Partner universities

Submit your application. Please log in to Student web and register for the course UTV-0001. In Canvas the course is listed as UTV-0001. In Canvas you will find a video instruction and a form to fill in. You can register for  exchange for Autumn 2021 until 1 February 2021.

You can list up to three higher education institutions/sites for traineeships in order of priority. Generally, only your first choice will be followed up, but your second and third choices may be considered if your first choice is out of the question.


Nomination.Soon after the application deadline has passed, the exchange coordinator at your faculty will assess your application and clarify whether you will be nominated to a partner university or not. NB This information will be sent by e-mail to your UiT e-mail address: username@post.uit.no. When you have been approved for a student exchange, you can continue and complete your application for a student exchange (see steps #5 & #7).


Apply for recognition of course/traineeshipWhen you are choosing the courses/traineeship you will take abroad, the most important consideration is that these can be specifically recognised/clarified by your exchange coordinator. Fill in the Learning Agreement: The Learning Agreement is an agreement about prior recognition of courses between you and UiT.

Download the Learning Agreement

Apply to the partner university.

When you have been nominated to the partner university and have received your nomination e-mail, you can start preparing your application to the partner university.

It’s your responsibility to read the information in your nomination e-mail and to follow the various points listed.

Partner universities

Apply for a loan from Lånekassen.For international students with permanent residency in Norway, the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund offers good funding for travel & fees. Without prior recognition of courses (see step #5) you will not be able to receive financial support from the Norwegian Educational State Loan Fund.


Find a grant.If you have received an exchange place at a partner university, you can make use of the following grant schemes: Erasmus +, Nordplus, North2North, Barents +, Scholarships for studies in USA or Japan, etc. Follow the link below to read more about each of the programmes..


Important tasks before depature.Before you depart for your exchange, but after you have applied to the partner university, there are various tasks you must do. Follow the link below to read more about these important tasks.

Important tasks

Summer school
as an alternative to an exchange for a whole semester
If you are unable to go on an exchange for a whole semester, summer school abroad can be a good alternative.

Summer schools

What the students say

Read what the students say about being an exchange student.

It’s useful to hear a bit about other UiT students who have been on a student exchange abroad.
Follow the link below to read useful information from the students who have acquired international experience through a student exchange.

Read here
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