outbound student exchange: who can travel (eligibility requirements)?

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Do you meet the eligibility requirements for student exchange abroad?

You should start the planning of your student exchange as early as possible, preferably one year before you wish to depart. You should have completed at least 60 credits, and the subjects you plan to take abroad must fit into your programme description.

Who can travel?

Providing you have taken at least 60 credits and are registered on a programme of study at UiT The Arctic University of Norway, you are entitled to go on an exchange. In practice, this means that the university will offer you a student exchange at an institution abroad with which UiT has an exchange agreement.

However, if you are a singular-course student, have completed your studies at UiT or have not made normal progress, you are not entitled to take advantage of the university’s exchange agreements.

Do you have more questions? Please contact your coordinator at the faculty (click on the link below).


How long?

A student exchange normally lasts 3 – 12 months. Students at Bachelor, Master and PhD level can all travel on a student exchange.

What can you study?

The exchange studies will form part of the degree you take at UiT. The studies will be approved by the Programme Board for your programme of study. The usual procedure is for students to choose courses and examinations during their student exchange that replace the courses they would otherwise have taken at UiT. In some subjects, it is also possible to travel abroad to work on a major assignment or project for which the examination will be taken at UiT.

Which country & higher education institution?

There are many options. UiT has more than 400 exchange agreements with higher education institutions abroad. The Exchange Coordinator at your faculty is your first stop towards finding out where you can go.


Do you have more questions?

You can always contact your exchange coordinator at the faculty prior to, during and after your study abroad.


What the students say

It’s useful to hear a bit about other UiT students who have been on a student exchange abroad. Scroll down or click on a country to read useful information from the students who have acquired international experience through a student exchange.

What the students say

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