How to write a data management plan

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In all research projects, large or small, that include research data, it is important to create a good data management plan (DMP). A DMP includes all the phases of a research project and all activities related to data management. This includes e.g. searching for existing data you can build your work upon; collecting or generating your own data; secure storage and backup of data during the active collection phase of the project; structuring and documenting data; processing and analyzing data, and archiving and (if possible) sharing data. Data and its management is usually the fundament of a research project, and it is therefore important that this is done in accordance with best practice. That is why planning is very important. 


A data management plan is a tool for you as a researcher. There are good templates that help you think through and write down how all these aspects can be carried out in the best possible way. 


Many financiers demand a data management plan, as this ensures better project implementation. This requirement also applies to all researchers at UiT Norway's Arctic University, cf. «Principles and guidelines for the management of research data at UiT». 


The webinar builds on the two modules “How to structure and document research data” and “How to share research data” (for a complete overview of our webinars, go here). 


For more information about research data management at UiT, see the UiT Research Data Portal. 


The webinar is hosted by Leif Longva and Adrian Verhoef




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