Work packages [WP]

WP1 - Exploration, detailed evaluation and selection of secondary raw / raw materials

Leader: BBU
Partners involved: PK, CTU, UiT, RT, GORTECH, GEROSION

  • Development of knowledge in the area of ​​available input materials for fiber-reinforced GPs, especially those coming from local industrial waste.
  •  Establishment or re-establishment of contact with local industries with waste stream potential for reuse in GEOSUMAT project. 
  • Analysis of characteristics of obtained input materials for GPs including materials for binder, fibers, and particle additives (fine and coarse aggregates).
  • Literature review of activation methods, their application and optimization of the activation process according to energy efficiency & expected material properties.
  • Development of database of locally available materials for production of GPs in partner countries. 

WP2 - Synthesis and mixing process

Partners involved: PK, CTU, GORTECH, BBU 

  • Understanding of mechanism for design the GPs composition from different raw materials. Analysis and optimization of the properties of geopolymers, especially regarding its microstructure and hardened gels formed as well as analyzes and optimization of the structure, mechanical and functional properties of the composites. 
  • Design CO2 sequestration during the hardening process

WP3 - Mechanical properties and durability - exposure to harsh conditions 

Leader: CTU 
Partners involved: BBU, PK, UiT, RT, GORTECH, GEROSION, CHEMSTR  

  • Analysis and optimization of the properties of GPs with hybrid reinforcement, especially their microstructure, and structure, mechanical & functional properties of the composites.
  • The analysis of the impact of additives on the newly developed materials. 

WP4 - Laboratory prototypes, process development 

Partners involved: CTU, RT, GORTECH, UiT, PK, GEROSION

  • Analysis of practical applications, especially analysis & optimization of the structure, mechanical properties, and utility designed composites & pre‐ evaluation and for selected applications, analyzes of challenges for new materials, especially their potential for practical applications such as the construction materials for application in harsh environments. 
  • The validation of the material in prototype solution for creation elements for construction industry, including long-term properties.
  • Analysis of practical applications for secondary raw materials extracted from industrial wastes, benchmarking with other competing products existing on the market and developing prototypes.
  • Establishment of contact with local potential producers and end users of developed GPs.

WP5 - Environmental analysis

Leader: PK

  • Comparison of eco-friendly solutions with cementitious materials based on Portland cement binder. Contribution to a circular economy, including waste reduction - possibility to use the industrial wastes as a secondary raw material for GPs.
  • Preparation of the material for market implementation by exploitation plan in particular applications. This includes business case assessment comparing costs, and environmental impacts. Preparation for certification to ensure the solution complies with, or is close to, EN206.

WP6 - Project Management, Coordination and Dissemination

Leader: UiT
Partners involved: All partners

Ensuring that the project implementation is carried out in accordance with the original
plan, budget and timeframe: 

  • Provide necessary infrastructure / support for partner / external stakeholders
  • Follow up partner actions. 
  • Risk Management 
  • Reporting to, and communicating with, the funding agency
  • Handling any deviations from the project plan.