The Seaspeak Vocabulary Onboard Kronpins Haakon

The epic adventure has started and here are some keywords to help everyone speak the same language at sea!

KPH and crew animals: illustrated by Valentina Russo, Mucho Amor; Sea and Nina and Berry foraminifera illustrated by Jane Zimmermann.
G is for Governance.
Fun fact: did you know that the word governance comes from the Ancient Greek word κυβερνάω (kubernao) meaning “steering the ship, piloting”? On our ship, everyone helps steer the knowledge we share and co-create. In-person and online, participants contribute their lived experience at sea while also considering the rights of our underwater friends, flora and fauna.
On our journey, Nina and Berry, the stars of the Akma 2 Ocean Senses project are keeping us company. With the help of Nina and Berry, we will dive into the Story About Knowledge (A Story About Knowledge. Illustrated version. ECOCARE), to learn the importance of sharing information and the ability to participate in environmental science, policy and protection (SECURE).


A is for Animals.  

In keeping with the most advanced environmental research, our crew is composed of human and non-human beings. ECOCARE’s team of extraordinary animals will tell the stories of the Kronprins Haakon expedition and the research conducted by Giuliana Panieri and her team to students, teachers, and researchers around the world.

Our special team of animals represents the key qualities required for the knowledge sharing and co-creation : wise leadership (Brave Bear); strength and resilience in research endeavours (Mama Eagle), adaptation, flexibility, and the ability to transcend boundaries (Dancing Salmon), humility and self-reflection (Loving Mole); networking and fostering sincere partnerships (Bouncy Ragnetta).

During and after the expedition, our animals will head across the Atlantic Ocean to Mato Grosso, Brazil! The intrepid animals will share their experiences at sea with the Chiquitano indigenous villages (aldeias). The animals will also travel to the remote villages of Tanzania’s Ruvuma Region.

Children (ages 8 to 16) from around the world will work in tandem with ECO_CARE’s expansive network of indigenous scholars, teachers, and university professors to learn about our beautiful planet, the oceans, and the importance of caring for blue and green spaces. Students will be asked to develop stories and illustrations that draw connections between the world of foraminifera and deep sea research to their own experiences.  

Bobbelur Gå-på-Tur (the smart Bobb with a talent for travel and exploration) will also join our expedition. Bobbelur, the seashell symbol of the SECURE project represents the aims of Agenda 2030, in particular, SDG 2 (Zero Hunger), SDG 3 (Good Health and Well Being), SDG 13 (Climate Action), SDG 14 (Life Below Water). Bobbelur, quick-witted, connects scientists from the SECURE project who investigate the nutritional, medical and environmental properties of the low trophic marine species.


B is for our smiling Blue Planet.

The ECOCARE logo, Our Smiling Earth (La Nostra Terra Sorridente) embraces people, continents, waters, and hearts. She is super excited about her journey on the Kronprins Haakon, enabling the dream of her connecting blue spaces to people around the world through an empathic, compassionate, and caring lens, all thanks to the Akma 2 Ocean Senses team!