ECO_CARE is developing a Critical Legal Research and Community Based Research Platform (CLR&CBR Platform), which includes courses organized with the Faculty of Law, UiT The Arctic University of Norway, Unirio, the Rural University of Rio de Janeiro, and the University of Turin (Department of Excellence, Law and the Department of Management).


Illustration by V. Russo for the ECOCARE book: Murray, Russo, Poto Follow Your Heart. The School of multipotentialites. Aracne, 2022.

1.) The first layer of our CLR&CBR platform includes a Canvas room, embedded in the UiT The Arctic University of Norway system and open to non-UiT parties here: The ECOCARE Canvas Room. The room is divided into 4 modules, corresponding to the 4 thematic areas (TA) of the project:

TA1  Rethinking participatory rights for water (PRfW) through empathy, compassion, and care 

TA2 Modeling a water-centric system, integrating participatory rights and substantive rights of water (RoW)

TA3 Exploring the connection between water and people

TA4 Assessing the coordination of the thematic areas and synthetizing the results in the perspective of integral ecology 

The four modules are preceded by an Introduction and they are constantly updated with learning materials and resources available for anyone interested in our research.

2.) The second layer is composed of courses and presentations developed within ECO_CARE satellite-projects, in coordination with the University of Turin (Department of Law, and Department of Management, Italy), the Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro, and McMaster University in Canada. Teachers and presenters include ECO_CARE members (Poto, Parola, De Souza Tavares, Hayden), students of the McMaster Practicum (Cummins, Bennett in 2022), visiting researchers from our partner institutions (Peftieva).

These courses include:

  • A module on the New Horizons of the Agenda 2030 for the Bachelor Degree in Business Management, Unito (M. P. Poto)
  • A module on Legal Design and Visual Law for the Bachelor's Degree in Business Management Unito and Unirio (G. Parola)
  • A cycle of doctoral classes on Law and Emotions for the PhD Program in Law, the Individual and the Market, Unito (R. De Souza Tavares)
  • An English course for project members and participants, based on the ECO_CARE vocabulary (A. Bennett and A. Cummins)
  • The Story About Knowledge translated into Ukrainian by prof. Olena Peftieva 

3.) The third layer include courses and presentations provided for and by our exchange students (in 2022-2023: Tsiouvalas, Campos, Ricco)

In compliance with the project's commitment, the partner Universities in Norway and Brazil have been organizing Ph.D. and Master's student exchanges. Scholarships are provided and travel costs fully covered. Contact us for further details, should you be interested in any of these opportunities: 

4.) Open access learning resources

ECO_CARE strongly supports the open-access approach: we believe in the right to education and access to information for all. Therefore, our fourth layer includes extra open access learning resources. We are moving toward a full open-access policy for our publications, we developed a fully educational ECOCARE Instagram Account (content creators over the years: Emily Murray, Valentina Russo, Laura Vita, Sareen Ali, Giulia Parola, Margherita Poto), and we are working on docu-films on our ECOCARE Youtube Channel. In addition, our list of educational materials is constantly updated and includes: