Since October 2021, we have been creating our Critical Legal Research and Community Based Research Platform (CLR&CBR Platform), which includes courses organized with the Faculty of Law, UiT The Arctic University of Norway, Unirio, and the University of Turin (Department of Excellence, Law and the Department of Management).


The courses include:

  • A module on the New Horizons of the Agenda 2030 for the Bachelor Degree in Business Management, Unito (M. P. Poto)
  • A module on Legal Design and Visual Law for the Bachelor Degree in Business Management Unito and Unirio (G. Parola)
  • A cycle of doctoral classes on Law and Emotions for the Phd Program in Law, the Individual and the Market, Unito (R. de Souza Tavares)
  • An English course for project members and participants, based on the ECO_CARE vocabulary (A. Bennett and A. Cummins)
  • The Story About Knowledge translated into Ukrainian by prof. Olena Peftieva 


Moreover, our Master's students from Brazil, will be able to enrol as exchange students for a semester at the Faculty of Law, UiT The Arctic University of Norway, for courses of their choice, connected to the project theme. The students will receive a scholarship and their travel expenses will be covered by the project. Similarly, our Master's students from Norway will be able to attend a semester of studies in one of our University partners in Brazil, and receive a scholarship as well as travel expenses reimbursed. On both sides, PhD students will be able to travel as young visiting scholars and work on their projects with one of the University partners. For the academic year 2022-2023, we have already one PhD student traveling to Rio de Janeiro in December 2022 and two Master's students travelling from Rio de Janeiro to Tromsø, for the Spring semester (January/June 2023). Good luck to all of them!


The ECO_CARE learning platform is expanding. Here is a list of open access resources: