Recording of Infrastructures Webinar

Did you miss the Infrastructures Webinar held September 23? Or do you want to see certain parts again? Here is a recording of the webinar!

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Infrastructures Webinar Foto: Lars Åke Andersen
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Brynjulfsen, Cathrine Formidlingskonsulent
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PYRO and NCMM invited early career (and established) scientists to a webinar about national research infrastructures. The aim of the webinar was to give an overview of potential platforms that could assist and enrich their research.

In our recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic we have experienced how essential cooperation in research and innovation is. Research Infrastructures (RIs) are facilities that provide resources and services for research communities to improve research, innovation, and collaboration (international).

The webinar aims to teach you about the activities of nine research infrastructures (RIs) that all provide services in medicine and life sciences. Some are centered around a specific technique or instrument; others provide education or networking opportunities or help with research proposals, data management, or clinical trials.

The webinar has been made possible with the help of EATRIS (European Infrastructure for Translational Medicine). EATRIS is a non-profit European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC) that focuses on preclinical and early clinical development of medicinal products and diagnostics, and provides solutions in five platforms of expertise, namely Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs), Biomarkers, Imaging and Tracing, Small Molecules, and Vaccines.


13:00 PYRO, Erik Knutsen - Welcome and intro
13:05 Norseq, Ruth H. Paulssen, Sequencing
13:15 PRiME, Sietske Grijseels - Proteomics and Metabolomics
13:25 Biobank Norway, Kristian Hveem - Biobank data
13:35 KAM /AMCF, Kenneth Bowitz Larsen - Advanced microscopy
13:45 Norbrain/viral core, Rajeevkumar Nair Raveendran - Viral vector tools for neuroscience and biomedicine
13:55 Short coffee break
 14:10 Nor-Openscreen, Johannes Landskron - Chemical Biology, high throughput screening, bioprospecting
 14:20  ELIXIR Norway, Christine Stansberg - Life science data
 14:30  EATRIS Norway, Anita Kavlie, Research structure for translational medicine
 14:40  NorCRIN, Berit Gravrok/Ingvild Pettersen - Clinical trials
14:50 Janna Saija Saarela, director NCMM - Conclusions, questions, and feedback

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Brynjulfsen, Cathrine Formidlingskonsulent
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