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Magnani, Natalia

Associate Professor of Social Anthropology
Institutt for samfunnsvitenskap

My research focuses on the role of the body in social transformation and the reproduction of power, especially as this occurs through the materials of everyday life. How do material relations mediate state governance, contestation, and alternative forms of belonging within and beyond national boundaries?

I currently lead the Norwegian Research Council project Arctic Silk Road: Imagining Global Infrastructures and Community Boundaries in Sápmi and the Russian North, which follows the social lives of railways, ports, and northern sea route infrastructure across Norway, Finland, and Russia.

From the study of craft making and cultural tourism in Sápmi, to land demarcation in East Africa, I write about the institutionalized and embodied ways that people experience and act on relations of power and belonging. In doing so, I seek to illuminate how bodily practice can be harnessed to achieve social transformation--both individually and in society at large. See my website for more details.

Jenssen, Synnøve

Professor, statsvitenskap
Institutt for samfunnsvitenskap

Offentlig politikk med særlig vekt på samhandlingen mellom det sentrale og lokale styringsnivået, helsesamhandling, beslutningsprosesser og vilkårene for lokaldemokrati i kommunene.

Deltar i instituttets forskningsgruppe Local Democracy Research Group (LDR)

- Kommunale vekstvedtak, NAVF-prosjekt
- Beslutningsstruktur og fordelingsutfall ved innføring av Nytt Inntektssystem, NAVF-prosjekt (Kommunelovprogrammet)
- Mot nye former for samhandling mellom staten og kommunene?, (prosjektleder) NFR-prosjekt med en stipendiat
- Globalisering nedenfra (NFR-prosjekt)

Formidling og popularisering
Fast gjesteskribent i Nordlys høst 97/vår 98.  Forelest bla på Høgskolene i Bodø og Alta, kurs for kommunale ledere i Bodø, norske og russiske tjenestemenn i Alta og på tjenestemannsakademiet i Murmansk(invitert av det norske konsulatet).  Forelest på flere av Etter/videreutdanningstilbudene ved IST.  Foredrag på Lokaldemokratikonferansen 1999, arr. KS. Foredrag Valglovsutvalget.  Div. avis- ( bla Aftenposten og Dagens næringsliv) og radiointervjuer om kommunalpolitikk og offentlig politikk generelt. 
Kronikk Aftenposten 30.08.00 og 22.08.01
To innlegg i ”Tromsøflaket” om universitetets personalpolitiske filosofi.
Kronikk i KS-nytt, nr3, 2000
Foredrag NSFs etterutdanningskonferanse 2001, Stavanger 26.04.01
Foredrag Statens topplederkonferanse 25.09.01., arr. AAD
Diverse foredrag for kommuner, fylkeskommuner og statlige etater.

Veileder hovedfags-/masterstudenter og dr.polit-studenter.  Faglig medansvarlig for utarbeidelse av viderutdanningstilbud for rådmenn i Norden (Unikom/IST).  Forelest på grunn-, mellom- og hovedfagsnivå, BA- og MA- nivå, IST.   Sensor UiO, UiB, HiB, HiL
Deltatt i en rekke interne og eksterne bedømmelseskomiteer (stipendiat- og førsteamanuensisvurderinger, doktorgradskomiter).

Offentlig politikk, ledelse og styring, kommunalpolitikk og politisk teori

Hagen, Roar

Professor, sosiologi
Institutt for samfunnsvitenskap
D 0136
  • General theory: A concept of collective rationality

My main interest is in a theory of collective action in modern society. The assumption is that the dynamics of collective action is poorly understood in the social sciences because they lack concepts to account for the rational aspects of collective action. The development of the three concepts of collective rationality, solidarity as a medium and collective power is central to this undertaking.

  • Theory of society: Solidarity as a medium of integration in functionally differentiated societies

The three concepts of collective rationality, rational solidarity and collective power enables a new approach to empirical research on integration of the function systems of modern society, like the economy, politics, education, law, medical treatment and science, and processes of inclusion and exclusion of individuals into these systems of communication

  • Theory of science: Methodological constructivism

The aim is to demonstrate how an epistemological constructivism opens up a new kind of reflection on all the elements of the scientific research process, not only as social but scientific constructions. At the centre is a reorientation of the relationship between theoretical and empirical research, structuring the research process in four phases each connecting a specific research question with logics of research.

These topics are related: The lack of a concept of collective rationality is an obstacle to empirical research on forms of integration in modern society, and to appreciate the scope for rational collective action in modern society. To create a concept of collective rationality, one has first to discern the epistemic obstacle that explains why sociological theories replace the distinction of individual and collective rationality, with the distinction of individual rationality and social norms. Through the research logic of abduction new scientific concepts are constructed which enables new empirical observations.

Magnussen, Ida Elise

Institutt for samfunnsvitenskap

Midtbø, Tor

Professor II
Institutt for samfunnsvitenskap

Pilot, Konrad

Institutt for samfunnsvitenskap

Gabrielsen, Hanne C

Faglig koordinator MPA og MBA
Institutt for samfunnsvitenskap

Lanteigne, Marc

Førsteamanuensis - Fakultet for humaniora, samfunnsvitenskap og lærerutdanning
Institutt for samfunnsvitenskap

The politics and foreign policy of China; Northeast Asian politics and political economy (China, Japan, North and South Korea, Russian Far East); Arctic foreign policy and regional relations, including Asia-Arctic diplomacy; international relations theory and practice; security studies including economic and non-traditional security.

Current Research Interests

  • Comparative Chinese politics and foreign policy / international relations, including local and regional institution-building, security and political economy
  • Comparative international and regional organisation, theory and practice
  • East Asian and Russian Far East domestic politics, security and regional diplomacy
  • Traditional / non-traditional security studies, (also war to peace transitions, peacekeeping)
  • Economic security / comparative Asian approaches to international political economy

Blog: Over the Circle: Arctic Politics and Foreign Policy

Sample Publications


Chinese Foreign Policy: An Introduction (London and New York: Routledge, 2009). (Second edition published January 2013, Third edition published December 2015, Fourth edition published 2019).

Nordic-China Diplomacy ed. with Wrenn Yennie Lindgren and Bjørnar Sverdrup-Thygeson, (New York and London: Routledge, 2017).

China’s Evolving Approach to Peacekeeping ed. with Miwa Hirono (London and New York: Routledge, 2012). (Paperback version, August 2014).

The Chinese Party-State in the 21st Century: Adaptation and the Reinvention of Legitimacy, ed. with André Laliberté (London and New York: Routledge, 2008); (paperback version, 2013).

China and International Institutions: Alternate Paths to Global Power (London and New York: Routledge, 2005); (Paperback version, 2007).


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‘Walking the Walk: Science Diplomacy and Identity-building in Asia-Arctic Relations,’ Jindal Global Law Review 8(1)(April 2017): 87-101.

‘ “Have You Entered the Storehouses of the Snow?” China as a Norm Entrepreneur in the Arctic,’ Polar Record 53(2)(March 2017): 117-30.

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