Vann- og avløpsteknologi

Water and Wastewater Engineering / Vann- og avløpsteknologi (M. Sc)

Master (Two years) - Full time

Do you want to link knowledge with action to make a real difference in delivering reliable water supplies, or to treat wastewater and enhance surface and groundwater quality?

Limited freshwater resources, increasing pollution of the natural water cycle, climate change, and increasing demand for clean water to meet the needs of the growing global population are the driving forces of the upcoming global water crisis. To counteract this development, a combination of well-educated water professionals and advanced technology and management is getting more and more important. Ensuring access to clean water and avoiding pollution of our water environment is vitally important for the society, challenging, and the central work task for an engineer within the field of water and wastewater engineering. The challenges are varied in different regions, and in the cold climate regions are relatively higher. This master's program focuses on the challenges in the cold climate region.

In this study, teaching is based on existing and future water and wastewater treatment challenges. Advanced technologies are at the core of the studies, and course contents are planned based on municipal and industrial requirements as well as the most recent scientific advancements. You will gain the knowledge and skills you need to explore, critically assess, design, and produce systematic and coherent solutions for water and wastewater treatment and transport systems. This MSc study will transform you into an engineer on water and wastewater treatment and transport systems, ready to tackle the water sector's complex challenges.

Ansvarlig for siden: Inger Hunstad Karlsen
Sist oppdatert: 24.05.2022