Trodde Du/Did you think? (Tromsø)

Exhibition of females at UiT

Studies show that we still think different about girls and boys when it comes to future careers. Can we look at a girl with a teddy and think "She will become an engineer. Or a physicist. Or an arctic explorer"?

The exhibition Did you think? was initiated in March 2018 and showed 15 women and their professions at UiT. We have now extended the exhibition to show the large number of female leaders, female professors, female natural scientists and female Masters at UiT. See all pictures at Nerstranda from September 29th and be inspired that women can become anything these days!

Use hashtag: #didyouthink to refer to the exhibition, or to post pictures of yourself or a great female scientist in social media.

Websites and articles about the previous exhibition:


Idea: Kathrin H. Hopmann (, Organization: Kathrin H. Hopmann and Karen O. H. Dundas, Design: Torger Grytå and Bjørn Hatteng, Photos: David Jensen, Jørn Berger Nyvoll, +individual photographers given at the exhibition, Financing: UiT anniversary committee, NT-faculty, Tromsø research foundation.
Utstillingen er en del av UiTs 50-årsmarkering og Jubel i Tromsø - UiT 50 år, Byfest, lørdag 29. september kl. 1045-2300 . Se mer på:
Starter: 29.09.18 kl 12.30
Slutter: 13.10.18 kl 16.00
Hvor: Nerstranda
Sted: Tromsø
Målgruppe: Ansatte, Studenter, Gjester / eksterne, Inviterte, Enhet
Lenke: Klikk her
Kontakt: Kathrin H. Hopmann
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