The patient as text - revisited. Symposium Paris

The research group «Health, Art and Society» from the Faculty of humanities, social sciences and education would like to invite researchers and ph.d. students to the symposium “The patient as text – revisited”. The symposium will take place at the Norwegian University Centre in Paris 11.-13. September 2018.

The symposium will pay tribute to professor Petter Aaslestad’s The Patient as Text: the Role of the Narrator in Psychiatric Notes, 1890-1990from 1997. Aaslestad explores selections from more than a century of psychiatric notes at a Norwegian hospital exploring the impact of ideological and medical changes surrounding the psychiatric clinical relationship and psychiatric professionals as constructors of narratives.

The symposium will explore the role of narratives within a medical context. Special focus will be given to stories by patients and/or their relatives, but other topics related to narratives within different medical contexts are also welcome.

The symposium may be of interest to researchers’ within the medical humanities, narratology, medical practitioners, literary scholars, psychiatric practitioners and those with an interest in medical history and critical theory.

Keynotes are professor Jens Brochmeier, The American University of Paris and professor Matías Martínz, Bergische Universität, Wuppertal.

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11.09.18 kl. 00:00
13.09.18 kl. 00:00

Linda Nesby og Cathinka Dahl Hambro
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