Practical information

Practical information

The symposium will take place at Centre Universitaire de Norvège à Paris (CUNP)

Salle B1-18

Lunches will also be at CUNP

From the Pantheon-area to CUNP, walk through Le Jardin de Luxembourg, rue Vaugirard, rue d’Assas, and you will find FMSH on your left-hand side opposite Hôtel Lutecia. Ca. 20 min.

The participants will have to order flight tickets etc. and accommodation themselves. The following hotels are near the Pantheon, which is convenient, both when it comes to transport to the airport, CUNP and the restaurant for our conference dinner. Senlis is most budget friendly, while Select is most expensive. The delegation from UiT The arctic university of Norway will be at Hotel des 3 colleges.

** L'Hôtel de Senlis

7-9, rue Malebranche

75005 Paris


** Hotel des 3 collèges

16, Rue Cujas

75005 Paris

tél. 0143546730<>

** Hôtel du Brésil

10, rue Le Goff

75005 Paris


** Hotel Excelsior Latin

20 rue Cujas

75005 Paris

tél. : +33 (0)1 46 34 79 50<>

***Hôtel Design de la Sorbonne

6, Rue Victor Cousin, 75005 Paris

01 43 54 58 08

Hotel Cujas Pantheon

18 Rue Cujas,

75005 Paris<>

*** Select Hôtel

1, Place de la Sorbonne

75005 Paris

tél. 0146341480<>


From the airports to the hotel Hotel des 3 Collèges:

Take RER B train (ca 10 eur) to Luxembourg, the hotel is 2-3 minutes’ walk away.

Taxi from Orly 30 eur, from Charles de Gaulle 55 eur, fixed prices.

(We suggest you have some euros in cash, not all taxis take credit cards).

Directeur Johs HJELLBREKKE

Responsible administrative Kirstin B. SKJELSTAD

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Program and practical information Paris september 2018