Take control of your PhD journey: EndNote advanced

How to use EndNote to optimise your workflow

Present-day academics spend much of their time writing articles for journals, often in collaboration with fellow researchers. Preparing a manuscript requires expert navigation through the research literature. Both aspects of the writing process involve challenges relating to the handling of references: how to share them with your co-author(s), and how to organise them in order to most efficiently extract what is relevant for your manuscript.

In this seminar, we will focus on more advanced functions in EndNote (http://endnote.com), in particular:

  • How to (not) save, sync and share EndNote libraries and folders
  • How to efficiently manage PDF attachments
  • How to find and edit reference styles
  • How to use EndNote during systematic literature reviews

The last subject (systematic literature reviews) is not necessarily relevant for all participants, and we therefore place this in the end of the course. Further, we will try to adjust the course content to the needs of the participants. If there are any subjects you wish to learn more about, not listed here, please fill out a short questionnaire.

Note that we expect all participants to have a basic knowledge of EndNote, including:

  • Setting up an EndNote library and collecting references
  • Importing references from external databases (e.g. Oria)
  • Searching for and organising references in an EndNote library
  • Inserting references into a Word document using references from an EndNote library
  • Editing citations and reference lists in Word
  • Basic syncing and backing up an EndNote library

If you need a refresher prior to the seminar, please consult the course material available from this page. If you have not set up your library to sync, please consult this video for step-by-step instructions. If you need help sorting out any EndNote troubles, hiccups or messes, please get in touch with our EndNote support well before the seminar. We will not be able to provide one-on-one EndNote support during the seminar itself, but will be happy to assist you in preparation for it.


The seminar is organised by Helene N. Andreassen and Grete Overvåg.

Light refreshments will be served during the break.

This seminar is a freestanding part of the seminar series Take control of your PhD Journey: From (p)reflection to publishing.

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Når: 28. oktober 2016 kl. 12.15–16.00
Hvor: TEO-H3 3.416 (Psychology and Law Library)
Studiested: Tromsø
Målgruppe: alle
Kontakt: Grete Overvåg
Telefon: 77645474

Frist: 21.10.2016
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