Video Workshop Series Lesson 3 (by Gabrielle Natividad)

In Video Lesson 3, Gaby Natividad takes viewers on an enlightening journey through the creative process she employed to bring the illustrated story of the Taruma River to life using ClipChamp. With a focus on accessibility in education, Gaby guides the audience through each step of her methodology, demonstrating how even those with minimal video editing experience can achieve a complex task like animation. Her clear and straightforward instructional style demystifies the animation process, making it approachable for all skill levels.

The end result of Gaby's work was a delight to its intended audience, as evidenced by the sheer joy and enthusiasm of the Chiquitano children who absolutely loved her animation.

Enjoy Gaby's classes and stay tuned: we are planning to develop a publication out of this innovative methodological approach to education and research in the field of indigenous and environmental law!