Co-Creation Unleashed: A Guide to Collaborative Research and Education by Gabrielle Natividad

The ECO_CARE Teams is thrilled to announce the launch of an insightful educational video titled "Co-Creation Unleashed: A Guide to Collaborative Research and Education," created by Gabrielle Natividad, our exceptionally talented student from McMaster University, Canada. The video is a culmination of Gaby's expertise in global health, environmental law and indigenous law and methodology and her collaborative efforts as the ECO_CARE project assistant and project developer with our organization from 2023 to 2024.

In her role within the ECOCARE project, Gaby has been instrumental in co-creating many inspiring research and education materials, including two upcoming books that promise to be invaluable resources in the field of participatory approaches to environmental and indigenous law.

The educational video, "Co-Creation Unleashed," serves as a comprehensive guide for individuals, teams  and communities seeking to engage in collaborative research and educational endeavors. Drawing from her own experiences and expertise, Natividad offers valuable insights, practical tips, and best practices for effective co-creation, making the video an invaluable resource for students, educators, researchers, and professionals alike.

Additionally, enjoy Gaby's inspiring journey and insights further by visiting our blog, where her story is featured alongside other compelling narratives and articles.