Happy International Women's Day from the ECO_CARE Team!

Over the past month, our project coordinators have been dedicated to advancing our mission and achieving significant milestones across various fronts. As we celebrate International Women's Day today, we reflect on our recent accomplishments and look forward to continued progress.

Among the key achievements, our coordinators have successfully finalized the ECOCARE annual report, which was submitted to HKDIR on March 1st, marking a crucial step in our commitment to environmental stewardship. The document is more than 60 pages long and we are so thrilled to record so many achievements in the past year! Certainly, way beyond our expectations.

Furthermore, we are delighted to announce the completion of three main books in collaboration with the publishing houses Palgrave and Multifoco. These publications promise to contribute valuable insights to our field and inspire positive change.

In addition to these endeavors, in the Spring semester, our team has been actively engaged in coordinating two exchange students from Brazil to Norway (one Master's student and one PhD), fostering cross-cultural learning experiences and promoting collaboration between the partner institutions.

Moreover, we are excited to share that our efforts extend to education and awareness-building, with the coordination of three courses on Environmental Law and the Agenda 2030 (Poto, Parola). Anticipating promising outcomes, we eagerly await the opportunity to share some of the results soon.

By concluding, the ECO_CARE Team would like to wish you all a wonderful International Women's Day!