Another Milestone Achieved in Advancing Emotional and Ecological Literacy in Academic Research

In a groundbreaking collaborative effort, Margherita Paola Poto and Emily Margaret Murray (School of Law, University College Cork), have co-authored the article: "Achieving a Common Future for all Through Sustainability-Conscious Legal Education and Research Methods," published in Global Jurist, 2024, De Gruyter.

The research article, now accessible through the Global Jurist platform [], delves into the imperative of integrating sustainability principles into legal education and research methodologies. By elucidating the intersectionality of emotional and ecological literacy, Poto and Murray offer a roadmap for cultivating a deeper understanding of the complex interplay between legal frameworks, environmental stewardship, and emotional well-being.

The publication describes the examples of ECO_CARE and Follow Your Heart as key methodological steps toward the achievement of ecological and emotional literacy in harmony with the objectives of the Agenda 2030.

The article can be read here