ECO_CARE team members working toward the OIN workshop in May (UArctic)

COPENHAGEN, May 2,3 and 4 - We are thrilled to announce that part of the ECOCARE Team (Margherita Poto, Giuliana Panieri, Emily Murray, Laura Vita, Juliana Hayden, Olena Peftieva, Annegret Kuhn) will be organizing and participating in the Ocean Incubator Network workshop at the Arctic House in Copenhagen! Reflecting on the importance of developing research and education that fosters ocean literacy and care for water, we will engage in a living lab that includes an "immersion in nature" session designed to connect with each other and with the environment around us (in the true spirit of integral ecology).

The program is created by Laura Vita, with illustrations of Valentina Russo (Mucho Amor)