Press release on the ECO_CARE video documentary: O rio não vai mais correr by Felippy Damian

The video documentary, a collaborative effort between Felippy Damian and the Chiquitano People of Mato Grosso, has been released with English and Spanish subtitles. This remarkable piece offers a distinctive testament to the Chiquitano People's profound connection with water, characterized by care for water and for each other—a fundamental tenet in our project. Our gratitude extends to the talented video maker, Felippy, the Chiquitano People, and all those who contributed to this production, including Gabrielle Natividad, who helped us edit the project in the final stages. The video has been shared within the involved communities, receiving a warm reception marked by gratitude and joy. This marks a significant stride in our research journey, emphasizing inclusivity and the adoption of innovative methodologies in legal research.

Enjoy it on our youtube channel: O rio não vai mais correr by Felippy Damian