Celebrating Collaboration and Indigenous Voices at the 5th Encontro Das Artes Gerais - Indigenous Awareness Month

We are thrilled to announce the active participation of Giulia Parola (ECO_CARE Project coordinator for Brazil) and Cecília Silva Campos (ECO_CARE Exchange Student) in the upcoming 5th Encontro Das Artes Gerais - Indigenous Awareness Month, at the Universidade Indígena Pluriétnica Aldeia Maraka'nà in Rio de Janeiro on January 28, 2024 (Aldeia Maraka'nà Website). 

Giulia's presentation will focus on the co-creation of the book on the Escazú Agreement, in collaboration with the Chiquitano People.Cecília will present the research result of co-creating a narrative on the pollution of the Tarumã River, involving collaboration with Chiquitano researchers.

Beyond the presentations, this event is an occasion to strengthen the bonds between ECO_CARE and Aldeia Maraka'nà. Initiated through our exchange student Natalia Médici and nurtured during the midterm conference, this collaboration embodies the spirit of shared learning and mutual understanding. We firmly believe that genuine collaboration is a dialogue that enriches all parties involved, and we are dedicated to fostering this connection to benefit everyone.

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