ECO_CARE celebrates the Day and Weeks of the Elimination of Violence Against Women and Girls

Today and for the next three weeks the marvellous ECO_CARE extended family will celebrate the elimination of violence against women and girls.

This year again Valentina Russo @Mucho_Amor helped us deliver the message: let's inject love, art, music, dance, science, flowers, kisses, and love projects into this Planet. Some girls and boys, human and more-than-human beings, are helping us in this endeavor.
From the top and moving clockwise meet our Earth Defenders:

MAGGIE writes love projects together with her beloved Gatta who approves of everything she creates,
MAINUMY, the symbol of the Maracanã resistance, dances on the indigenous land to the music (432 hz) that
TAO (at the piano) is composing to heal the Planet and harmonise the hearts of all living beings:
LAURA is injecting love and amour, on top of the emotional knowledge and research co-created with her friends;
GIULI is studying a new heart-shaped land and creating a new love teacher that teaches us emotional education;
JOY doesn't see any difference between elements and is crossing boundaries by kissing her beloved life below water;
ATRAA, representing all black girls, is healing the wounds of our beloved Planet;
CORA is planting forget-me-nots and connecting past present and future with her grace.
VALE MUCHO AMOR, our Pippi Longstocking standing on TAO's piano, is learning from Koala, the Master of Hugs, the art of hugging.
This is
SCARLETT's wildest dream and therefore it will come true.
PS The beings in this picture are either real flesh-and-bones defenders or inspired by some of them
This is an ECO_CARE Smådrift 2023-funded project. Our gratitude goes to HKDIR The Directorate for Higher Education and Skills and the Faculty of Law, UiT- The Arctic University of Norway.
Illustration by Valentina Russo Mucho Amor for November 25, 2023.