Press release _ ECOCARE midterm with the Chiquitano Indigenous People of Mato Grosso, Giulia Parola, Silvano Chue Muquissai and Margherita Poto

Our team shared the co-created project results during a journey (physical, emotional and spiritual) that involved the Chiquitano Indigenous Communities of Mato Grosso, Silvano Chue Muquissai from the aldeia Vila Nova Barbecho, Giulia Parola, and Margherita Poto.

Some of the milestones of the journey have been documented on our ECOCARE Instagram Channel and the project coordinators are now working in collaboration with the Chiquitano People to deliver a report.

The activities were funded by HKDIR, as well as by the 2023 EGU Public Engagement Grants.