"Comprehending the relationships between the environment and society is what drives my productivity”

Margherita Paola Poto was the third most publishing UiT researcher in 2022.

Margherita at the docks, smiling.
Photo: Igor Peftiyev

"As a Research Professor at the Faculty of Law UiT – The Arctic University of Norway, I take great pride in being ranked as the third most productive researcher at UiT in 2022," states Margherita P. Poto.

Expressing her excitement about her achievements over the past years, Margherita emphasizes, "I am truly thrilled by the progress I have made. In my role at NCLOS and UiT's Faculty of Law, I lead various significant projects, including spearheading the ECOCARE project and contributing to initiatives like SECURE and the COPROKNET network."

Margherita elaborates, "My satisfaction stems from not only writing scholarly papers and sharing research findings but also from collaborating with brilliant minds from around the world. To me, this is immensely rewarding."

In addition to traditional academic outputs such as papers, book chapters, and monographs, Margherita’s work incorporates innovative elements like storytelling, illustrations, and infographics. "My aim is to communicate intricate ideas in a more accessible and engaging manner," she explains.

From the left; Margherita, Emily Murray and Valentina Russo. Photo: Igor Peftiyev

Her research encompasses a diverse array of topics, ranging from climate governance to food security and indigenous knowledge integration. Margherita considers this diverse research portfolio to be a central aspect of her work.

"I strongly believe in the intrinsic interconnectivity of environmental discussions, actively seeking opportunities to collaborate with experts from various fields. Their perspectives enrich my understanding and help me navigate the complexities of cross-disciplinary research. My commitment to comprehending the relationships between the environment and society is what drives my productivity," Margherita asserts.

Her work at UiT's Faculty of Law has also led her to play a role in bridging the gap between scientific knowledge and indigenous wisdom. "Through my work, I envision fostering an environment where the collaborative exchange of scientific insights and indigenous knowledge can flourish. By acknowledging the value of indigenous wisdom, we can enhance our scientific pursuits and contribute to culturally respectful and integrated solutions," she suggests.

According to Margherita, research is a collective effort, and she expresses her gratitude by saying, "I extend my heartfelt thanks to Edel Elvevoll, Giuliana Panieri, Valentina Russo, Emily Murray, Laura Vita, Giulia Parola, Juliana Hayden, and Lise Myrvang for their inspiring contributions that fuel me every day."