Press release - Violeta Radovich wins the MSCA-PF with a project on High Seas Energy

Violeta Radovich is a Professor at CONICET and UNDEF (Argentina) and von Humboldt Research Fellow in Kiel (Germany) has been awarded the prestigious MSCA-PF scholarship with the exciting research project HIGH SEAS ENERGY at NCLOS, UiT The Arctic University of Norway (supervision: Margherita Paola Poto).

The project is timely and in line with ECO_CARE thematic areas, aiming to provide the scientific community and policymakers with science-informed and indigenous knowledge-based recommendations supporting the development of renewable energy regulation on the high seas. 

By the completion of the project, such recommendations are expected to 1. Provide an integrated knowledge base for energy generation regulation on the high seas; 2. Advance interdisciplinary research collaboration between law, indigenous studies and marine sciences at the UiT The Arctic University of Norway; 3. Increase the University’s responsiveness to regulatory demands and attract external research funding. The recommendations will be informed by the research conducted at NCLOS under the supervision of Margherita Paola Poto and supplemented by an extensive consultation process conducted during the expedition onboard the Research Vessel Kron Prins Haakon (RV KPH), in collaboration with Giuliana Panieri and the Department of Marine Geosciences, UiT The Arctic University of Norway.

To date, Violeta’s research has been focusing on the environmental regulation of the generation of renewable on the high seas, which she has identified as a grey area. She will transfer expertise to the host institution, stemming from her experience within environmental governance of energy production in the sea and indigenous-based knowledge. This skill is transferred to the host via writing her own research articles, co-authoring with other NCLOS members, organizing and participating in seminars, workshops and conferences as well as teaching students in lectures and seminars. Violeta will also transfer her expertise in an interdisciplinary team to the host. In addition, she will complement the Faculty of Law’s current project ECO_CARE (An Exchange Program on Empathy, Compassion and Care in Water Governance, from the Perspective of Integral Ecology: which is funded by HKDIR Utforsk and coordinated by Margherita Poto.

The Project development was supported through the UiT’s Arctic MSCA Program.

UiT press release on the success of the program can be found here. So happy and proud to be part of this vibrant community and very grateful to Kata Bohus and Theresa Mikalsen for their support throughout the entire process.