Press Release: ECO_CARE goes to school with the initiative "Bambine e Bambini. Un giorno all'Universita'"

In collaboration with the Department of Management (University of Turin), and the initiative Bambine e Bambini. Un giorno all'Universita'Margherita Poto and Arianna Porrone will be coordinating a workshop for children (year 5, 10 years old) based on the collaboration between different stories and project partners. They will introduce the Story About Knowledge and Follow Your Heart, with some hints on the foraminifera living in the Arctic (Akma Project, coordinated by Giuliana Panieri: here) to the twenty-four children of the Plesso Calvino, Torino, Italy.

The three-projects tools and props (co-created by Valentina Russo, Janine Zimmermann, Luciana Panieri). Photo by Igor Peftiyev.

The children will be given props and tools to reflect on emotional and ecological education and will be asked to co-create a story, based on the new wonderful project cover created by Valentina Russo.

Cora, the Arctic Animals and the Aurora, created by Valentina Russo, Mucho Amor, 2023