ECO_CARE continues the cooperation with CoProKnet

ECO_CARE continues its cooperation with CoProknet, thanks to the generous funding of the DAAD (Project coordinator: Eva Lohse).

Here is the poster of the event, organized by the University of Bayreuth and the University of Turin. In this wonderful project are involved: many ECO_CARE team members, including Margherita Poto, Giulia Parola, Arianna Porrone, Juliana Hayden, Cecilia Campos and Valentina Russo, as well as Giuliana Panieri (AKMA2 and Ocean Senses); researchers and students from the University of Bayreuth and Turin; practitioners experts in the field of knowledge co-production. We expect many contributions to knowledge co-creation from different countries (Germany, Italy, Norway, the UK, Brazil, and Canada) and backgrounds (environmental law, marine geosciences, eco-tourism, as well as lessons learned from the governance of the commons at the municipality level). On day 2, the workshop will host a classroom of young pupils-scientists from the secondary school of Medicina-Bologna. The pupils will present their projects on their study on the Canale di Medicina and share their results with the researchers.

A perfect encounter between research and education, transgenerational and immersed in the beautiful Gesso Stura Natural Park.