Press Release - Follow Your Heart: first launch with a co-created workshop

Poster realized by Valentina Russo, Mucho Amor, 2023.

On February 18, 2023, Emily Margaret Murray-Cora, Margherita Paola Poto and Valentina Russo-Mucho Amor (IG: @mucho_amor) present their innovative book Follow Your Heart. The School for Multipotentialites, Aracne Bussola, 2023. 

Where: The event will take place in Shepton Mallet, UK, and will be hosted on the beautiful premises of the Farm Shop: The Good Life Projects run by Craig. Connected to the launch, there will also be a fundraising initiative to support the coolest project run at Windsor Hill Wood, and consisting in providing art therapy courses for people struggling with anxiety, depression or addiction issues. A workshop on the Follow Your Heart theme will be organized, based on some of the co-created activities developed in the book.

The book in brief: Follow Your Heart is written for primary and secondary school teachers, principals, librarians, and support staff to help them recognize, support, and foster the gifts and talents of the children in their school communities. It also addresses researchers and scholars in the field of co-production of knowledge by encouraging the development of an ecology of participation in emotional and ecological studies. The foundational idea of the book is that every child has multiple talents and therefore specific practical strategies need to be developed and implemented to effectively nurture such talents and gifts in a meaningful and mindful manner. Its core is deeply connected to ECOCARE's vision of the importance of emotional and ecological education for all. It is divided into three parts: 1. the story in comics of Cora (diminutive of corazon, heart in Spanish), the little multipotential kid that dares to challenge conventional boundaries; 2. a research chapter on the importance to develop emotional and ecological education; 3. a co-created section with activities developed by teachers and educators around the world. The first target audience will be two school communities in rural Tanzania, and we have plans to expand the project further, and translate the book in many languages.

You can buy the book: here 

Take a look at the beautiful teaser realised by Valentina Russo on our Youtube Channel