Press release - Two books on the Tarumã River in Mato Grosso (Parola and Poto) and a book on the ecological and emotional approach encouraging to Follow Your Heart (Murray, Russo and Poto)

Three new ECOCARE books are out in 2022 and one is in press!

Two of them (in English and Portuguese) focus on the key role played by co-creation as a methodological approach for responsible research and innovation in environmental law and indigenous law. The two books stem from an innovative scientific process of co-creation with law researchers, students and indigenous communities from Mato Grosso (PART I) and contain a story, co-created by law students and indigenous communities members, and illustrated by children (PART II) as a collaborative research effort of researchers, law students of UNIRIO (Brazil), and the Chiquitano People of Mato Grosso. The research is co-funded by the Norwegian Directorate for Higher Education and Skills through ECO_CARE (HKDIR UTF n. 2020/10084), the Faculty of Law UiT The Arctic University of Norway (Strategiske Midler 2021), the UiT Library Funds for Open Access scientific publications (2022).

Enjoy the story of Suru and his relationship with the beautiful river Tarumã!

Book references: 

  1. PAROLA G.,  POTO, M. P. (2022) Tarumã, As águas que falam. Um projeto co-criado de legal design e visual law por estudantes de direito e o povo Chiquitano: o caso da poluição do Rio Tarumã e os reflexos no povo Chiquitano Aracne, ISBN 979-12-218-0398-3
  2. PAROLA G., POTO, M. P. (2022) Tarumã, the waters that speak. A Legal Design and Visual Law Project, Co-created by Law Students and the Chiquitano People: The Pollution of the Tarumã River and Its Consequences for the Chiquitano People, Aracne, ISBN 979-12-218-0396-9

You can buy the books here:

In Portuguese: here 

In English: here


Follow Your Heart. The School for Multipotentialites (Murray, Russo, Poto) is thought for multiple audience and embodies some of the core themes of ECOCARE, focusing on the importance of emotional and ecological education and research. It is written and drawn for primary and secondary school teachers, principals, librarians, and support staff to help them recognize, support, and foster the gifts and talents of the children in their school communities. It also addresses researchers and scholars in the field of co-production of knowledge by encouraging the development of an ecology of participation in emotional and ecological studies. The foundational idea of the book is that every child has multiple talents and therefore specific practical strategies need to be developed and implemented to effectively nurture such talents and gifts in a meaningful and mindful manner. Strongly underpinned by the research and education experience of the authors, the resource also takes an accessible and practical “inclusive” approach to ways of working with children of all abilities in regular and specialized classrooms. The book follows a tripartite structure featuring (1) a fully illustrated story to give a visual representation of multipotentiality; (2) the methodological steps to the co-creation of the book and the theoretical concepts that support this teaching philosophy; and (3) an activity section with suggestions on how to implement emotional literacy and foster multiple talents in the classroom.

Book reference:

  1. MURRAY, E. M., RUSSO, V., POTO M. P. (2022). Follow Your Heart. The school for multipotentialites, La Bussola, Aracne, ISBN 979-12-5474-218-1

You can buy the book here

Enjoy the story of Cora (the multitalented character created by Emily Murray and Valentina Russo) and send us your feedback and suggestions for further developments! The book has also an audio version: just scan the QR code on the back cover!

Illustration by Valentina Russo 


Future events and publications

The scientific foundations of the approaches followed by the three publications are further developed as book chapters in the forthcoming book E. Lohse, M. P. Poto, Co-production of knowledge in climate governance, BerlinerWissenschafts-Verlag, 2022. Moreover, events and workshops have been planned throughout Spring 2023, to launch, present and share the results of the books. Stay tuned and follow us here and on Instagram for updates!