Spring News 2022

Co-Creating Ecological Knowledge Through Illustrated Storytelling and Visual Law

4 April 2022 Re-storying the Constitution through Legal Design and Visual Law. University of Turin, Italy

Our team members Arianna Porrone and Valentina De Gregorio were invited to teach undergraduate students of the Bachelor Course in Diritto Pubblico, Department of Management, University of Turin, Italy. The lecture revolved around re-reading and re-storying the Italian Constitution through a gender, feminist, and intersectional approach and aimed to raise awareness on issues of gender mainstreaming, justice/injustice, exclusion/inclusion, and expand legal concepts and principles accordingly.

A preliminary theoretical background and references to Art. 3 and 37 of the Italian Constitution were provided. Afterwards, students were asked to develop their creative projects on re-reading and restory-ing the first 11 fundamental principles of the Constitution, based on their acquired knowledge on legal design and visual law.

April 2022, Turin, Italy

The Touch book: The Story About Knowledge has now an interactive and touch-version, realized from the illustrations of Valentina Russo (the prototype has been realized in Turin, Italy, in April 2022, by Barbara and Laura).

 5-6 May 2022 Co-production of Knowledge, Bayreuth University, Germany

Some of the ECO_CARE project members (Giulia Parola, Margherita Paola Poto, Arianna Porrone, Juliana Hayden and Davide Oddone) will join the Strategic Scientific Workshop "Co-production of knowledge in climate governance" (Prof. Eva Julia Lohse, Bayreuth University, Germany, Fundings: Bayreuth Humboldt Centre and HKDIR Utforsk 2021-2024 https://www.humboldt-centre.uni-bayreuth.de/de/news/2022/Workshop-Lohse/index.html). 

The workshop aims to connect and map the narrative of effective participation in ecological matters with the best practices of co-production of knowledge (CoPK). The investigation will include insights from local, traditional, and indigenous communities (coming from different areas from Germany: Bavarian Forest/Steigerwald and the Alps, to selected areas from the Arctic Region: Sápmi, Kenya: Maasai, Ogiek, Endorois, Tana River county, and the northern frontier; Brazil: Mato Grosso). Margherita and Arianna will guide the audience in an interactive activity using the Touch book and Story About Knowledge. Illustrated Version. The project participants will be asked to develop a creative project around the research question: “Where can knowledge be found and kept?”.

11-23 May, 2022 Kronprins Haakon Expedition, Barents Sea and Arctic Ocean, UiT The Arctic University of Norway

The Touch book and The Story About Knowledge will also be part of an interactive workshop on Co-creation of knowledge through illustrated storytelling, organized within the Akma_Ocean Senses on the interdisciplinary and multisensory experience onboard Kronprins Haakon. Read more about it here!