ECO_CARE will be part of the Ocean Senses Project (Akma2), endorsed by the UN Decade of Ocean Sciences for Sustainable Development

In May 2022, the ECO_CARE team will join the “Ocean Senses Project (AKMA2)”, endorsed by the UN Ocean Decade.

During the expedition of the KronPrins Håkon, scientists and educators will develop learning tools to experience the ocean using all our senses (touch, sight, smell, hearing and taste). Schools and scientists from Norway, Italy, France, Tajikistan and Kirgizstan, Portugal, Brazil, Tanzania and Botswana. During the expedition, teachers from some of our partner countries will be onboard and we will connect with all the schools. AKMA-OceanSenses wants to inspire the next generation and ECO_CARE is very proud to be part of this wonderful learning adventure at sea!


Stay tuned!