The Escazú Agreement in Comics with and for the Chiquitano People. A co-created project of legal design and visual law

The project has been developed within Giulia Parola’s elective course “Legal design and visual law in international environmental law” (2020), by a team of students from the Universidade Federal do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (UNIRIO), Postgraduate Law Program, researchers, community members from the Chiquitano People of Mato Grosso (Brazil).

The objective of the project was to teach, in practice, an efficient method to create a knowledge base of participatory environmental law, as well as co-creating instructive materials that could work as a tool for strengthening environmental participation.

The project participants were assigned to three thematic areas, corresponding to the three pillars of environmental participation (i.e., the tripartite classification of the access rights: access to information, participation, and access to justice). Ideas were transformed into a comic book, based on the script that members of the Indigenous community of the Chiquitano people created on their understanding of the Escazú Agreement, and that is now available in English and Portuguese.

The methodology employed builds on the three revisited pillars of environmental participation: empathy, compassion and care (the ECO_CARE pillars).

The publications are available at the following links.