November 25 International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

On November 25, 2021, our ECO_CARE Planet, with waters, continents and people, turns orange and red to remind us that we stand together for the elimination of (all forms of) violence against women.

The waters of seas, rivers, oceans tell many stories. Stories of connection, friendship, gifts as well as of violence and despair. In the past they were navigated to conquer sacred territories, to subjugate people and spaces. Today they conceal the tears of those who cross them, women and men and children, seeking peace. They further hide a rich underwater realm, dangerously at risk in front of humans’ project of profit and growth.

Waters’ flow is relentless, loud. It is a perpetual language, intelligible only to those who learn to listen to her. In this sense, water is a great teacher, inviting humans to sharpen their hearing and eyesight, to sense across space and generations. Water teaches to sense even there, where stories of violence have not been acknowledged, told out loud, nor written but went unnoticed because not deemed relevant.

ECO_CARE aims at exploring this dimension of water and many others, to honor the voices of the unheard, and especially women.

To read our 2020 report on the Virtual Roundtable for the elimination of VAW at UiT, organized with the Senter for kvinne og kjønnsforskning (SKK, UiT; Centre for Women’s And Gender Research) and the Department of political science, communication and international relations of the University of Macerata, follow this link: