Dry cleaning of concrete trucks saves the environment hundreds of liters of water

Large amounts of water are used to wash the concrete trucks that return to the production facilities, and now researchers have looked at how Mapei's product Re-Con Zero can help to minimize water consumption.

Washing the concrete cars that return to the station will require between 500L and 800L of water - per car. The most common, however, is that the water is used to wash the cars again. But what if we could reduce the amount of water that goes to washing the cars and thus also the sludge that remains after the end of the cycle in the purification plant/sedimentation plant? Preliminary tests carried out by Betonglaben at UiT show that as much as 70% of mud residues are absorbed, which means that you only need a light wash afterwards.

More information can be found in the original article (in Norwegian) on the Concrete Innovation Cluster website.