Erasmus+ student Niels Haond participated in the DeTeA research

Niels has spent the last semester of his master studies on the UiT campus in Narvik conducting all tests and writing a thorough thesis needed to finish his masters degree in Belguim. This is a letter explaining his view of the time spent in Narvik:

Hi, my name is Niels Haond and I am an exchange student at UiT in Narvik.

My country of origin is Belgium, where I studied for 5 years to get a  degree of
industrial engineering in construction.
Here in Narvik I had  the opportunity to
complete my master's degree by writing my master's 
in collaboration
with concrete specialists Boy-Arne Buyle and Iveta Novakova.

During the entire four-month period, I was able to carry out this work in the
laboratory, where I was given my own desk to carry out my work
Apart  from the good atmosphere  and warm welcome, I received
an enormously interesting 
subject with which I could fill my time at the UiT.
My research focused on the  sustainability aspect of concrete, namely its
The aim of my research was to  make a detailed analysis of recycled
concrete aggregates produced by three different 
crushing technologies that
had not yet been extensively researched.
The research on  these recycled
concrete aggregates extracted from various locations was carried out 
determining the properties such as particle size distribution, shape, density,
residual mortar content, etc. After obtaining these results,
correlations were 
made between these different characteristics, and some
conclusions were drawn .

My work has provided insight into which of the three crushers, namely the jaw
the impact crusher or the cone crusher, produces the most optimal
                                                                                 shape, produces the
least amount of fines, 
removes the most mortar and
                                                                                 produces the highest yield in terms 
of the most preferred fractions.