Problematic school absenteeism is a big challenge for many young people, their parents, schools, and support services. Being away from school for a long period can have serious effects. The consequences of prolonged absence are significant and can lead to difficulties in keeping up with both academic and social aspects. In the long term, children with high levels of absence may struggle to find employment and are at risk of developing mental health issues. Experience and research suggest that interventions need to take place in various settings to be effective. By focusing on the child, the family, and the school, the purpose of Back 2 School (B2S) is to assist the young person in returning to school and to enhance their well-being in attending school.

B2S is an integrated and comprehensive support program for children and adolescents with problematic school absenteeism, based on research-based methods. The program was developed by Mikael Thastum and colleagues at the University of Aarhus and has been tested in a larger study there. For information regarding the Danish study on B2S, you can visit the program's website. Experiences from Denmark show that B2S is a valuable support offering for a significant portion of children struggling with high school absenteeism, which can increase the individual's chances of completing their education.