Africa and Corona: What are the effects of Covid-19?

For the last months, experts have tried to predict the effects of Covid-19 in African countries. Internasjonalt seminar 29.08.2020.

Fottland, Håkon
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Many have predicted a disaster as the continent could be the new epicenter while others have argued that the continent's young population, experience handling endemics and less traveling might help slow down the rate of infections.

Tid: lørdag 29. august 2020, 13:00-15:00 - merk dato og tid
Sted: Forum, Kulturhuset Tromsø - merk sted
Merk: Seminaret holdes på engelsk

At the same time, many civil society organizations across Africa argue that some governments are using the pandemic to justify a more authoritarian leadership. In countries such as Uganda and Zimbabwe human rights activists have been arrested and subjected to torture.

For the very first International Seminar this semester, we have invited a panel to discuss what the situation in Africa is today.

  • How are civil society organizations working to prevent this?
  • What effects can we see in African countries from the pandemic? 
  • Has there been positive developments?
  • What are the economic ramifications?
  • And are there lessons from African countries experiences that could be useful in the West? 

Due to covid-19 we will accept a maximum of 70 participants at the seminar. In cooperation with our partner organizaions, we continue to pursue NIPHs advices regarding the infection prevention of the virus. Therefore, we ask our audience to show repect and keep necessarily distance to each other.


  • Desmond Sharukai, Professional exchange participant at SAIH from Youth Empowerment and Transformation Trust. He will explain on how the corona crisis has affected the human rights situation in some African countries and how civil society is addressing these concerns.
  • Patience Malunga, Traning Advisor, NOREC. She will clarify how the pandemic has affected women in Zimbabwe and how the situation is for vulnerable women experiencing domestic violence and how civil society are working with these issues.
  • Sean Muller, Senior Lecturer, the School of Economics at the University of Johannesburg. He has followed the corona situation and its impact on African economies closely and will speak on the economic ramifications of the corona pandemic on South Africa and the region.
  • Moderator: Hilde Hunnålvatn, Advisor, Norwegian Council for Africa


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