Rapport om akademisk fridom: Free to Think 2016

01.11.16 Håkon Fottland

Academic Freedom Monitoring Project identifiserer og følgjer åtak mot universitetsmiljø:  akademikarar, studenter og tilsette - verda over


SAR - Scholars at Risk Network driv prosjektet Academic Freedom Monitoring Project.

Prosjektet skal idenitifisera, skaffa informasjon om og følgja opp ulike brot mot akademisk fridom og menneskerettar for personar som er tilnkytta høgare utdanning.

Les rapporten Free to Think 2016

UiT er medlem i SAR Scholars at Risk nettverket - SAIH arbeider for StAR - Students at Risk

SAIH-blogg: Krigslignende tilstander for studenter i Sør-Afrika

Føremålet for prosjektet: The MONITOR aims to identify, assess and track incidents involving one or more of six defined types of conduct which may constitute violations of academic freedom and/or the human rights of members of higher education communities:

  • Killings/violence/disappearances
  • Wrongful imprisonment/detention
  • Wrongful prosecution
  • Restrictions on travel or movement 
  • Retaliatory discharge/loss of position/expulsion from study
  • Other significant events

For 2016 trekk rapporten fram fire negative utviklingstrekk kringom i verda:

  • continuation of violent attacks on the university space by armed groups and individuals, demonstrating the extent to which this space is not only exposed within societies plagued by conflict, but is often a focal point for such conflict;
  • crippling actions against higher education communities in Turkey by state and university officials in apparent retaliation for the peaceful public expression of dissenting views;
  • increasing restrictions on the university space in Egypt, including violence, arrests, continuing long-term detention of thousands of students and hundreds of scholars, and travel and administrative restrictions, all in apparent retaliation for the peaceful exercise of free inquiry and expression; and
  • violent repression of organized student expression around the world.

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