Spring semester 2024: The master level course INF-3910-8 GameLab is offered

Department of Computer Science, campus Tromsø, will in the fall spring semester 2024 offer a the master level course INF-3910-8 Computer Science Seminar: GameLab. The last time this course was offered was back in 2015. Since then the course has been in demand both among students and from research groups at the department.

The Department offer a master level course in GameLab in the spring semester 2024.
The Department offer a master level course in GameLab in the spring semester 2024. Foto: mostphotos.com
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On this website you get a look back at when the course was given in 2015: https://site.uit.no/tromsogamelab/

Target group for the course is master level students at both the 2-year and 5-year master program. The course is categorized as an elective course in both these programs and can also be a specialisation for the 5-year program. Exchange students may in certain cases take the course if they have the recommended prerequisites to take it. The course is not available for bachelor students.

Professor Lars Ailo Bongo, Department of computer science (UiT) will be responsible for the course but he also has André Henriksen and Anders Andersen on the team as well as several guest lecturers from the game industry.

Course content
The students will learn the complete cycle of game development from idea to launch by developing a game with user experience and technology good enough that it can be launched as a product.

The students will learn to develop games. The students will choose their own programming languages, game development frameworks, and other technologies in the software stack. The students are encouraged to build on state-of-the-art game engines, SDKs or services for their games.

The course will therefore cover all steps in the game development process:

  • Design: Create a game design and write a design document.
  • Technology: Select and reason about the correct technological choices for the designed game taking into account time, resources, technical performance and user experience constraints.
  • Team: Decide roles and share tasks and responsibilities across a team based on suitable skillset and area of interest.
  • Process: Agree on the software engineering process, milestones and approach to development.
  • Development: Implement a complete game in the allocated time that has the required performance and that provides a usable and fun experience for the player.
  • Business: Launch the game on the target platforms app store with a clear business plan for how and why the game can earn money.

Recommended prerequisites: INF-1400 Object-oriented programming, INF-2300 Computer networks and INF-2900 Software engineering

Course objectives and other course info: INF-3910-8 Computer Science Seminar: GameLab 

If you have professional / technical questions you can contact professor Lars Ailo Bongo.

Time table: https://timeplan.uit.no/emne_timeplan.php?sem=24v&module=INF-3910-8-1#week=1-25

Master level students must register for the exam through the Studentweb within February 1st, 2024 (normal proceedure).

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