Nominate a researcher for the 2023 Frederik Paulsen Arctic Academic Action Award

Until 30 April 2023, you can nominate a researcher, including yourself, for the 2023 Frederik Paulsen Arctic Academic Action Award. The Award recognises innovative ideas that address the causes and impacts of climate change in the Arctic. The awardee(s) will receive an unrestricted grant worth EUR 100,000 to further develop their ideas and increase their impact.

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UArctic and the Arctic Circle have published the call for nominations for the 2023 Frederik Paulsen Arctic Academic Action Award.

The inclusive nomination process allows nominations from individuals, groups or organisations. Both self-nominations and nominations are accepted, and both established and emerging professionals are encouraged to submit applications.

The Award recognises that it is important to collect data on the processes shaping the Arctic, however, it wants Arctic-related research to go a step further, to carry out actions that will have “a real impact on the Arctic, its residents and beyond through adaptation, mitigation, or even reversing the effects of climate change”. With this in mind, the designers of the Award “hope this award will encourage more action-based, collaborative research, and help bring creative ideas to fruition.”

In 2022, the recipients of the Award were UNIS-based Marius O. Jonassen and Hanne H. Christiansen for their PermaMeteoCommunity project that focuses on “provid[ing] as safe as possible living conditions for the society” on Svalbard, literally a climate change hot-spot. In 2021, the first-ever winner of the Award was Trevor Bell from the Memorial University of Newfoundland. His project, SmartICE, “help[s] Inuit communities to make sea-ice travel faster and more secure in increasingly unpredictable ice conditions”.

Nominations for the 2023 Award can be submitted until 30 April 2023.

Read more about the Award, the previous awardees, and this year’s nomination process here: The Frederik Paulsen Arctic Academic Action Award (

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