Call for proposals: AXA CHAIRS GRANT

AXA research fund Chairs 2023 Campaign is now open

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Paulsen, Steinar Martin Faggruppeleder Forskning og innovasjon
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Read more abouth Axa Chairs. Institutions can submit only one candidate per campaign. UiT process: faculties and units are encourage to nominate one candidate each.

Nominations are made to and


The profile of the candidate should be at least PhD+10 years from PhD defense date to the time of application.

The AXA Chairholder is expected to spend their full time in the host Institution, and their publications will be issued in the name of the host institution during the chair duration.

At equal level of excellence and transformational potential, preference will be given to institutions hiring a Chairholder from another Institution.

AXA Chairs are not intended to substitute for an internal promotion.

Host institution


Host institutions will be expected to participate in the Chair’s general funding through studentships, post-doctoral support and material resources related to the research program. The Institution is responsible for providing details of this support in the application.


1. UiT process - September 21- September 29

2. Expression of interest to AXA  -  September 19 – October 13 (4PM CEST)

3. Go to “Application”  - By invitation only.

4. Full application submission    October 24 – November 21 (4PM CET)

Please note that any new registrations will not be accepted if they are made after October 5th, 2022.

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Paulsen, Steinar Martin Faggruppeleder Forskning og innovasjon
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