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Arctic MSCA-PF Program

Marie Skłodowska-Curie - Postdoctoral Fellowships at UiT

The Arctic MSCA-PF Program 2024 has the following structure (please note that there are some modifications -shown with *- in this year's program):

Date Activity Responsible
January 15th  Call for UiT supervisors. Find application form under the How to Participate tab. Deadline for future supervisors to submit the form is Jan 15th. Arctic MSCA organisers
February 16th EURAXESS ad to search for postdoc candidates. EURAXESS call deadline is Feb 16th. Arctic MSCA organisers/supervisors

UiT supervisors identify potential postdoc candidates based on applications received through EURAXESS. UiT supervisor sends the postdoc candidate's CV for evaluation to the organisers to ensure fit for MSCA-PF scheme.

Supervisors and favorably evaluated candidates are invited to the Arctic MSCA symposium.

Note: Postdoctoral candidates residing outside Europe will be invited to join the symposium on a digital platform only (not invited physically to Tromsø as before). Candidates currently residing in Europe will have the opportunity to choose to join digitally or physically.

Arctic MSCA organisers/supervisors

The supervisor and candidate meet (virtually) to discuss a project plan for the MSCA-PF application. It should be mentioned that the preliminary project plan proposed by the candidate in the EURAXESS ad may change as a result of these discussions. 

May 6th* 

Candidates will send a five-page summary of the project (excluding references) to their supervisors and the organisers before May 6th. This summary should answer questions like What, Why and How.

Candidates/supervisors/Arctic MSCA organisers
June 4th-6th 

Arctic MSCA Symposium

(location: UiT campus, Tromsø, Norway + digital)

June 4th: Preporatory meetings between supervisor and postdoc candidate, getting to know the research group and the departments
June 5th: Open workshop on How to prepare a successful proposal for MSCA-PF
June 6th*: Proposal writing (candidates and supervisors)

Candidates/supervisors/Arctic MSCA organisers/Trend2000
July 15th Deadline for submitting Part B1 for pre-evaluation by external consultant Candidates/supervisors/Arctic MSCA organisers
August 12th Deadline for submitting Parts B1 and B2 for pre-evaluation by Arctic MSCA organisers at UiT  Candidates/supervisors/Arctic MSCA organisers
July-August Input on administrative forms in Funding & Tenders Portal (submission system) Arctic MSCA organisers
September 11, 17:00 CET (Brussels time) Deadline for submission Candidates/supervisors
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